Christmas Message
        “Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people” Luke 2:10         As I write this Christmas letter my heart is filled with mixed emotions about the scripture used in the heading. At Christmas, I know from experience there are a lot of hurting people who go through deep valleys of depression because they are lonely, poor, homeless, or have suffered a great loss at this exact time of year. It is always difficult for a pastor to minister to those who have no “joy”. Particularly at this time of year because of losing a family member or friend during the year.     
          Please, let me encourage you this Christmas to get alone with God, and read the Christmas story from His Holy Word and try to go back in your thoughts to the time when our Savior was born. Re-capture the joy that was in the hearts of all who had the faith to believe that this baby was the Messiah of Israel, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Savior of all sinners who would believe in Him and seek His forgiveness.   
        Without knowing Him, without knowing the Christ of Christmas, you will never know what real joy and happiness this time of the year can bring. Please don’t let all the commercialism of Christmas rob you of a blessing. Let your tree remind you of the cross. Let your light remind you of the True light spoken of in John 1:7-9, Jesus who entered a world of darkness and sin. Let all the gifts giving remind you of the greatest gift of love that mankind has ever know: John 3:16 speaks so clearly of that. Yes, Jesus was the greatest gift ever given. But like all other gifts, Jesus must be received if He is to have any effect on your life and being. If someone were to offer you a gift this Christmas and you refuse to accept the gift, it would really hurt the one offering the gift. Just think for a moment how God feels, offering you the greatest gift in the world, when He was refused. I’m talking about the greatest form of rejection known. A Christian can really enjoy Christmas because a Christian knows the one who began all this festivity. Yes, Jesus can be given room to live in your home, in your marriage, in your family, but most importantly, in your everyday living, and He truly can give you the “JOY” that He came to give to all people.     
                  Have a great Christmas with all your family and friends. God Bless You!  
 Proverbs 3:5&6     
               Pastor Bill